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Spotlight // Knit-ted SS24

Spotlight // Knit-ted SS24

When we are loved.
When we feel connected.
When life is experienced
at its most intimate.

When time stops,
life begins. 

Spring Summer 2024

Welcome to Spring Summer 2024, where we invite you to immerse yourself in a refined palette of serene organic neutrality. Delve into the very essence of our planet, tracing back to its origins - embracing simplicity and minimalism through the use of pure materials. Our leisurely hues, such as clay and sand, bestow a therapeutic embrace reminiscent of the earth itself.

Indulge in the pure bliss of nature, whether it be the depths of mysterious forests or the uncharted allure of secluded islands nestled amidst vast oceans.
Behold the vivid spectrum of Clearwater, Ocean, and Opal Greens, evoking a sense of intense vitality. Furthermore, we are venturing into the realm of sweeter pinks, imbuing the season with a serene and uplifting quality. These shades harmoniously complement a fresh and pristine ivory foundation, captivating the eye as you peruse our collection.

Discover new transitional forms that blend modernity with gentle sophistication, crafted from textured linens and exquisite jerseys. Be enchanted by unexpected details that offer delicate touches, while flowing fabrics gracefully gather and drape. Create dimension by incorporating lightweight pleated fabrics with a lustrous sheen. Add captivating texture with seersucker and rustic materials.

Bathed in the sun's radiant embrace, our prints come alive with energy, unveiling blurred silhouettes of leaves and flowers. Inspired by nature's enchantment, they forge a deep connection, inviting you to revel in their sun-kissed allure.



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