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About us

Based in Amsterdam, born in Oslo

MEET THE OWNER - Marlies Otten

Having worked in the fashion business from the age of 16 and inspired by her love of beautiful fabrics and designs, Marlies started her very own business at the young age of 23 with her fashion agency - Pure Brands. As much as Marlies loved working with so many different brands and stores during this time, she missed styling and having contact with customers so, fast forward four years and Marlies had turned PURE BRANDS into a physical store - and it was a big success! After five years running this store, and never one to stay still, Marlies went on the hunt for a new retail space to open her second store, this time with a more luxurious concept. In 2014 she found the perfect location, a beautiful retail space with a large display window on the Huidenstraat 11 and just like that, store number two had a stunning home!
During Fashion Week in Oslo, where the concept of store two was further developed, Marlies finished a busy day of buying in a beautiful rum bar (as you do!) and whilst she relaxed and sipped on rum cocktails the letters “RUM” on hundreds of bottles came to life and at that moment the name for the shop was born! You can still find elements of this moment in our store not to mention our late night shopping events made all the more enjoyable with complimentary rum cocktails!


RUM promotes Slow fashion

Marlies prides both her business and herself on knowing where each and every collection comes from and she firmly believes that the world would be a better place if we all consciously looked at the origin of the garments we wear. “We work with brands that take their social responsibility seriously and, who not only consciously deal with the production process but who also ensure that the garments made have a longer lifespan, making them sustainable.” - says Marlies. “A wardrobe filled with beautiful, high-quality items whilst contributing to the maintenance of a healthy planet, that’s what we want, right?”


Our store and contact information

RUM Amsterdam
Huidenstraat 11
1016 ER Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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+31 (0)20 528 51 61