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Looking for a touch of effortless Parisian chic? Look no further than Ba&sh, a French womenswear brand designed for the modern woman. Ba&sh embodies a unique blend of bohemian spirit and contemporary style, offering a collection that seamlessly transitions from everyday wear to special occasions.

Shop the Ba&sh collection in our webshop or stop by and have a twirl in their beautiful Wasta dress in the RUM boutique in Amsterdam or find that colourful piece to brighten your everyday style with a touch of the Parisian 'je ne sais quoi'.

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Ba&sh Max Jacket - Blackstone - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Max Jacket - Blackstone - RUM Amsterdam
Max Jacket - Blackstone Sale price€195,00
Ba&sh Silvestre Waistcoat - Black - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Silvestre Waistcoat - Black - RUM Amsterdam
Ba&sh Calix Dress - Pomegranate - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Calix Dress - Pomegranate - RUM Amsterdam
Calix Dress - Pomegranate Sale price€235,00
Sold outBa&sh Wasta Dress - Violet - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Wasta Dress - Violet - RUM Amsterdam
Wasta Dress - Violet Sale price€325,00
Ba&sh Aaron Pants - Ecru - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Aaron Pants - Ecru - RUM Amsterdam
Aaron Pants - Ecru Sale price€215,00
Ba&sh Wasta Dress - Fuchsia - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Wasta Dress - Fuchsia - RUM Amsterdam
Wasta Dress - Fuchsia Sale price€325,00
Ba&sh Mina Vest - Khaki - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Mina Vest - Khaki - RUM Amsterdam
Mina Vest - Khaki Sale price€255,00
Sold outBa&sh Clarisse Top - Khaki - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Clarisse Top - Khaki - RUM Amsterdam
Clarisse Top - Khaki Sale price€145,00
Ba&sh Wasta Dress - Sky Blue - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Wasta Dress - Sky Blue - RUM Amsterdam
Wasta Dress - Sky Blue Sale price€325,00
Sold outBa&sh Ciago Jacket - Blue - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Ciago Jacket - Blue - RUM Amsterdam
Ciago Jacket - Blue Sale price€275,00
Ba&sh Maroon Pants - Khaki - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Maroon Pants - Khaki - RUM Amsterdam
Maroon Pants - Khaki Sale price€185,00
Ba&sh Bull Jacket - Black - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Bull Jacket - Black - RUM Amsterdam
Bull Jacket - Black Sale price€445,00
Ba&sh Brad Jacket - Black - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Brad Jacket - Black - RUM Amsterdam
Brad Jacket - Black Sale price€595,00
Ba&sh Jerry Jumpsuit - Handbrush - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Jerry Jumpsuit - Handbrush - RUM Amsterdam
Jerry Jumpsuit - Handbrush Sale price€245,00
Ba&sh Barbara Belt - Black - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Barbara Belt - Black - RUM Amsterdam
Barbara Belt - Black Sale price€165,00
Ba&sh Loma Blouse - Blue - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Loma Blouse - Blue - RUM Amsterdam
Loma Blouse - Blue Sale price€175,00
Ba&sh Fiona Dress - Black - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Fiona Dress - Black - RUM Amsterdam
Fiona Dress - Black Sale price€265,00
Ba&sh Ciara Sandal - Black - RUM AmsterdamBa&sh Ciara Sandal - Black - RUM Amsterdam
Ciara Sandal - Black Sale price€295,00

Are you looking to purchase Ba&sh clothing items from a webshop with a physical store in Amsterdam? RUM Amsterdam offers a beautiful, hand-picked selection of eye-catching pieces, designed by the popular French brand. Whether you want to buy a colourful top or shirt or you are looking for shimmering dresses that you can wear during the summer: Ba&sh offers high-quality items with striking prints and colourful designs that will make you instantly stand out from the crowd. Do you want to create the perfect summer outfit? Ba&sh has got you covered. Discover the collection of Ba&sh clothing items that we offer in our webshop and brick-and-mortar store in Amsterdam.

Shop Ba&sh clothing for the self-conscious modern woman from a little boutique in Amsterdam

If you want to purchase a shirt, top, shorts or one of the famous dresses, designed by Ba&sh, RUM Amsterdam is the place to be. Ba&sh is one of the most influential French contemporary brands, named after its two founders: childhood friends Barbara Boccara & Sharon Krief. Their idea was to bring their dream wardrobe to life so that they could share it with other women: a brand truly made by women for women. Ba&sh is innovative, and feminine and represents the current-day Parisienne with an easy, joyful elegance for a self-conscious and modern woman. All of the designs are executed in high-quality, comfortable materials, where a luxurious undertone creates a ditto appearance. With the Ba&sh collection of colourful blouses, pants, jackets and dresses from our store in Amsterdam, you create a modern and romantic look that will never go out of style. Combine the items with Anonymous boots, a leather bag by Markberg and matching accessories for the ultimate summer look.

Pick your favourite items for this summer

The collection of Ba&sh clothing that we offer in our webshop and physical store in Amsterdam awaits you! Have you taken a good look at the items and have you fallen in love with a certain top, blouse or one of the maxi dresses designed by Ba&sh? Pick your favourite item(s), place your order online and we will deliver your new item(s) to your doorstep ASAP. We offer fast and worldwide shipping. Do you have questions about our products or would you like to know more about our brands Please get in touch with us. Call +31 (0)20 528 51 61 or send an e-mail to